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“Isolation, Faith and Overcoming Obstacles”- Fabian Villeneuve Releases Debut EP

By Will Yannacoulias

November 12th Saskatoon singer/songwriter Fabian Villeneuve released his much anticipated EP Trials. We first met Villeneuve last February when he shared with us his first-time Telemiracle performer experience. At that time his debut single, “In This World Or The Other” had just been released and Villeneuve was excited to share more of his songs. The aspiring folk-alternative musician reunited with Matt Stinn of Rainy Day Recording Co. to record the three tracks which would comprise the Trials EP; "Heaven Will Wait", "Beyond Alone" and "Fade Away" were produced with Villeneuve, Stinn and Zakk Streiloff handling all the music.

“I feel the music goes hand-in-hand with underlining messages in my lyrics of isolation, regaining faith and overcoming obstacles” Villeneuve shared. “I consider the songs on Trials to be darker than my previous work, but a necessary story that I needed people to hear.”

Trials is available on all streaming services. The lyric video for the first single, “Fade Away”, is linked here.

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