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First Day Of Summer: Regina Transit Authority Play First Show Of 2021

Updated: May 9, 2023

By Will Yannacoulias

Like so many in the arts, the Regina Transit Authority spent the last year patiently waiting for the return of live performance opportunities. That stage was finally set last night as the band kicked off a summer long series of live music patio shows at Regina's Cathedral Social Hall. Guitarist Erik Mehlsen, bassist Rob Lane, keyboardist Ethan Roach and drummer Cyprian Henry performed two sets of original high energy jazz/funk/R&B instrumentals, alongside a few classic standards, for an appreciative packed house.

As the official house band of Mehlsen's Sharp 5 Records, Regina Transit Authority are also the instrumental foundation for the highly acclaimed collaborative music project People Of The Sun. Those familiar with People Of The Sun's 2020 album Last Day Of Summer were thrilled when bandmates InfoRed and Origin Of Spin made an unannounced guest appearance. The duo smoothly rapped three People Of The Sun singles, debuted a new unreleased song and playfully freestyled over chill summer jams.

"It's so good to perform, that's the first applause we've heard in forever, it's like waking up from a long slumber" Mehlsen told NSMZ. "We've been writing like crazy, we've got twenty riffs, loops, beats, we're hopeful now that from performing we can see what feels good live and someday it'll end up on a record." The band is booking a few yet-unannounced festival spots and looking forward to finally performing the People Of The Sun material.

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