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Fixed Frequency’s “Holiday Wrecker Vol II” Ruins Christmas For Everyone

By Will Yannacoulias

Inspired by their sneering contempt for all things festive, Saskatchewan’s Fixed Frequency Records is aiming to turn terror into tradition with the return of the Holiday Wrecker compilation. For the second year in a row boozy mall Santas Colin Marit and Shea Drouin have assembled a roster of disheveled elves intent on drowning out the department store carols. Returning Wreckers Orphan Riot, Master Nate, Savage Henry, This Is A Train Wreck and Vaudeville Remedy are joined by new recruits Worthington's Law, Blue Cola, FISH ZOO! and The Disconnect.

With a faraway look in his bleary red-rimmed eyes, Marit told NSMZ “we did things a little differently this year, starting bugging the bands for songs around August. That gave them plenty of time to work on songs and get them to us on time, but nothing has really changed with the overall theme. It’s still an anti-Christmas album, the way it was intended to be.”

Holiday Wrecker Volume II is scheduled to start coming down your chimney December 1st, but in a move that could be interpreted as a warning shot, two of the seventeen tracks have been released early. Be sure to follow Fixed Frequency’s Bandcamp to be updated, and in the words of first-time contributor Blue Cola, “Fuck You Christmas”.

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