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FunkJoint and My Son the Hurricane Storm The Capitol

Article and photos by Melanie Macpherson

Friday, June 30 as the sun set over Saskatoon, the sticky hot day melted into one of those intoxicatingly steamy nights. The kind of night where strolling the downtown, enjoying the sights, sounds and smells of the city becomes a sensual experience. I entered the Capitol Music Club ready to cast off real life and let the night lead the way. Having heard nothing but good things about the brass-fueled extravaganza that is FunkJoint and My Son The Hurricane, I was expecting a wild night.

First up, Saskatoon’s FunkJoint took the stage, unleashing an irresistible blend of funk, jazz, reggae, soul and just a hint of Star Wars. It was impossible to resist the temptation to move and groove to the infectious whirlwind of horns, percussion, and basslines. While FunkJoint played a largely instrumental lineup as a whole, occasional smooth and sexy vocals from Sauvelm McClean, had me wanting to hear a lot more.

Then, My Son the Hurricane stormed onto the stage, engulfing us in a tidal wave of sound and energy. The brassy barrage swept the crowd up, leaving it gasping for breath and begging for more. This is what happens when a marching band meets a tornado; methodical mayhem reigns as My Son the Hurricane whips up a storm of high-energy beats, booming basslines, and unstoppable brass melodies.

Both bands brought a visible joy for performing and a love for the music that was impossible to resist. While you should definitely check both of these bands recorded music out, no recording could possibly capture the energy and excitement and magic of this kind of music live. If you ever have the chance to see either FunkJoint or My Son The Hurricane play live, take it without hesitation.

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