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Get off the sofa, here comes Chesterfield

Updated: May 13, 2023

by Chris Vasseur

Photos provided by Chesterfield


Synthetic Fingers // Self Released

It may sound like a cliche but for this old (ish) man, only one word is needed to describe the mystical musical quintet known as Chesterfield: Fun.

I’ve know these young musicians for a few years now and have loved every single encounter. I also really love their music, personalities and especially their live show. They have an amazing live show, they even covered ween once!!

Together for about 3 years, they released their first single in 2020 and have been relatively quite since, except playing a ton of live shows. They have an amazing live show:)

Quiet until now that is, I’ve had the privilege of getting an early listen from the band of their new full length, self released record Synthetic Fingers.

And it is quite the ride. As the band themselves describe the sound, they are “empowered through energy brought on by Bartholomew……” and this album features a “delicate balance of three part harmonies and roaring guitars.”

I couldn’t agree more. The lyrics are crisp, funny and quite entertaining (one song is about hair loss and it may be the standout for me). The three singer rotation is nice too, adding variety to the recording which was mixed and mastered at Bunny Hug Studios by Ryan Shotton. The three singers also have great harmonies together, and they shine all over the record.

The guitars are what jump out for me though, they are soaring and executed with precision. In fact, the entire band sounds quite tight and well rehearsed. I smiled the entire first and second listen, this is one I’ll be spinning a lot.

Chesterfield mixes up a ton of genres here with great success and I’m sure that almost everyone will find something to grab on to. I’d suggest trying to catch them play live as well. The have an amazing live show!

Synthetic Fingers releases this Sunday, the 18th of December with a CD Release set for January 17th.

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