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GreenWing Release Video For Debut Single “Social Cues”

By Will Yannacoulias

On August 10th Saskatoon alternative rock trio GreenWing released a video for their single “Social Cues”. The video is a continuous-shot live performance featuring a fun, gritty, more energetic version of the song, effortlessly channeling the live energy of a band who love to perform. Still sporting his bright yellow slicker and bucket hat, GreenWing bassist Travis Williams spoke with NSMZ about the video and the reception to the single.

The “Social Cues” video was captured at Rainy Day Recording Co.’s live room, the audio recorded and mixed by GreenWing guitarist Matt Stinn. The swirling-carousel film performance was shot by Saul Chabot of Milla Media, a longtime friend of the band. “With this release we really tried to capture that ‘live energy’ that we bring to the stage” Williams shared. “Those who have not seen us yet can kinda know what to expect, and those who have can enjoy that GreenWing energy while waiting for the next show!”

“Social Cues” has been a summer sweetheart of the online music community, heavily streamed and shared and appearing on numerous playlists. “For being a band that formed during the pandemic, we have been blown away by the support from our scene since the first show” said Williams. “We are so grateful for the response we have received since the release of ‘Social Cues’, and that energy really motivated us for upcoming releases!”

GreeenWing will appear alongside Slow Down Molasses and Valley Bandits at Saskatoon’s Black Cat Tavern Saturday, August 13th. “Social Cues” is available on all streaming services.

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