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Hannah Georgas with Sam Lynch : A show that warmed the most hardened heart

by Andreea Moore

photos by Andreea Moore

Hannah Georgas put on a first rate show at the Capitol Music Club on November 29th (photo by Andreea Moore)

Sam Lynch proved to be a quality opener (photo by Andreea Moore)

Hannah Georgas with opener Sam Lynch played the Capital Music Club in Saskatoon on November 29th. The show was in support of the most recent Hannah Georgas full length opus entitled I'd Be Lying If I Said I Didn’t Care which dropped August 25, 2023. 

Performing first on this night was the absolutely admirable and soulful Lynch. During her performance at the Cap, Lynch’s voice was buttery and smooth, rich and luxurious akin to sweet soft melted caramel on a steadily controlled flame. A new record is on the horizon for Lynch. Her voice is a force to be aware of as it has the potential to break down the walls of even the most hardened heart. 

Georgas took the stage next. As the night progressed, her live set brought "it" and then some. The Juno winner’s setlist was truly something that spoiled the audience at the Capitol. Georgas played a vast array of tracks ranging from the new record to her back catalog of early songs. This show truly was a treat to all the senses; a warm feeling of being part of something bigger than one’s self, a sense of bliss. The hypnotic quality of Georgas’s works lulled the crowd into a sense of peace. 

This being the last in a series of dates this year for Georgas, the energy was not lost. The momentum was most definitely there.  The previous month Georgas and her bandmate had opened for Broken Social Scene. Yes, that Broken Social Scene. This tour has been a lengthy 3 month endeavor but has been a pure delight for fans new and old. It wouldn't be surprising if the record, I’d Be Lying If I Said I Don't Care were to secure multiple Juno Awards. It's that good and it was very evident live. It's clear, after this show that there will always be an appetite for Georgas and her mystifying hypnotic quality here on the prairies.  

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