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Inaugural NSMZ Alternative/Rock Artist of the Year: The Radiant

Updated: May 13, 2023

by Scott Roos

photo by Deanna Roos Photography

Progressive, heavy, groove orientated madness with a Morrison-esque slant. The Radiant bring a lot to the table sonically. In terms of stage presence, theyare almost second to none in terms of the wall of energy they emit during their sets. Fronting the band, vocalist Mikhaila Anderson twists, turns and writhes about the stage proving to be captivating to watch. That freedom to move is thanks to the stellar musicianship of highly skilled bandmates Mike Reece (keys/sax), Paul Hillacre (guitar), Evan Knouse (bass) and Jordan Ahmed (drums). If the recent release of single "9 A.M." is any indication 2023 should be another phenominel year for The Radiant.

"We’ve definitely been putting in a ton of work - as much as we can. We try to push the docket every year and we keep writing new music so we can keep bringing what we do best," Anderson told NSMZ during a brief interview at this year's edition of MooseFest.

We'll certainly keep our eye out. In the meantime, congrats to The Radiant on being our inaugural Rock/Alternative Artist of the year.

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