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"The Dog Patch Festival grounds are top tier so we're told" - Regina's The Hourhand set to play Dog Patch Music Festival

by Scott Roos

photo collage by Scott Roos

The Hourhand recently made an incendiary appearance at Prince Albert's Street Fair

“Candy”, the latest single from classic rock revivalists The Hourhand, is essentially, upon initial analysis, a vibey, hook laden shuffle groove. A three minute boogie symphony of organ/guitar riffage and pulsating drumbeat underneath a more subdued vocal from Gray Farrow, the track, in general, shows a maturity to their overall sound as they lean more into, dare it be said, a traditional electric blues based direction. This is the third single co-produced by Jon Harvey and Michae Kiere of Threshold Recording Studios in Hamilton, Ontario and the band has demonstrated a lot of variety with each subsequent release without veering too far away from their already established sonics which is admirable. It’s also out just in time for their appearance at Loon Lake’s Dog Patch Music Festival (July 26-28) this summer which, incidentally, will be the only Saskatchewan based festival the band will play this season.

At Dog Patch, The Hourhand will bring their signature live energy injecting a healthy dose of youthful vim and vigor to the proceedings. They will share the stage with a phenomenal lineup of local to Saskatchewan acts including JJ Voss, Teagan Littlechief, Sister Grace, The Brothers G, Kit Langfield and Josh Stumpf to name but a few. The band, according to Farrow, is very much looking forward to the opportunity to perform there. 

“We had been hearing about (Dog Patch Music Festival) for a few years. It’s One of those festivals that was run by mutual friends in our circles and we had been talking for a few years about getting on it,” Farrow tells NSMZ.

“Festivals like (Dog Patch) are always great because they're just low pressure fun, and everyone is just there to have a good time with their friends. People in the scene you don't get to see as often are usually there all together at once. Plus, the Dogpatch festival grounds are top tier so I'm told. I’m Really interested to see what (festival organizer) Marc (Butler) has put together over the years.”

For more information on Dog Patch Music Festival, including directions to the site and ticket information, hit up this LINK. With the slogan “Connected, unplugged, together and real” it sounds like it’s going to be a great time. NSMZ will once again be in Loon Lake to take in the Dog Patch action this summer. We’re looking forward to it.

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