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Inspiring People To Be the Best Versions of Themselves: Karissa Hoffart Brings Message of Hope

Updated: May 10, 2023

By Scott Roos

Growing up on a ranch near the small, idyllic, sleepy, border village of Minton, Saskatchewan no doubt gave country singer Karissa Hoffart ample time to reflect on life, the universe and everything. What has resulted with her music then is a snapshot into the quiet simplicity many people experience on the prairies. Hoffart preaches a message of hope in a time when many, COVID aside, desperately need to hear it. To those of you that grew up in similar rural circumstance, this should come as no surprise.

“It’s definitely who I am. I’m definitely more of a positive, inspirational writer. Before COVID came out I was writing these songs (for her latest outing This Life of Mine) and it seemed like the perfect time to release the album as it put out a lot of positive messages. So it Worked out,” says Hoffart.

Currently, Hoffart is residing in Lumsden and working as a Nurse Manager. She became a registered nurse in 2018. Her recent lyrics are thought provoking treatises that provide a kind of self help dialogue. Many artists, in their music, are speaking to themselves. Hoffart's inspirational approach is no different. In helping herself work through her own journey, she's hoping to also help others along the way.

"(My inspiration) definitely comes out of nowhere. But it comes off of some experience that I just had or that I need to work through myself. And then from that I see what kind of message I can portray to the world. I really enjoy spreading the messages out to everybody and hopefully inspiring people to be the best versions of themselves,” explained Hoffart.

It's an uncommon approach to be sure. A definite sidestep from the country music norms but a breath of fresh air and a much needed dialogue for many. Hoffart's music speaks to the very core of who she is - a wonderful, positive, energetic, and engaging person. And a person willing to help others through their physical and emotional pain. For this, we all should be grateful but, at the end of the day, from a strictly musical perspective, we should also be entertained. That's a tough tightrope act to traverse but it's something in Hoffart's wheelhouse and something she does very well. Kudos to you Karissa. Kudos to you.

*photos courtesy of Karissa Hoffart

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