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"It's very full-circle" PA's Janaya McCallum opening for The Goddamsels this Friday at Rock Trout

by Scott Roos

photo by Vincent Ret

This Friday, September 8th, the Rock Trout Cafe in Prince Albert will play host to Alberta’s The GodDamsels. Fronted by the dynamic duo of Mallory Chipman and Freddi MacDougall, The GodDamsels, an award nominated group, feature a signature close harmony style over top of elements of roots, americana, folk, pop and country. It’s a sound featured on their most recent six song EP Wayward Daughter - a groovy, hook laden satchel of songs that were released in 2022. They’ll be performing with a full backing band.

Opening for The GodDamsels will be Prince Albert based songstress Janaya McCallum. Known for her work with sister Jolissa aka Jay and Jo, McCallum will be playing her first solo show in Prince Albert.

“It's amazing to be back home and be able to pour into my local community again. There's something satisfying and special about being able to come back and share my music with the place that watched me grow up. It's very meaningful, very full-circle,” McCallum commented in a brief interview with NSMZ.

McCallum, with guitar in hand, is planning an up close and personal, intimate set.

“I like to keep things up close and personal at my shows. I tell lots of stories, crack jokes, give lots of insights into the songs whether I wrote them or not. I just love music and I love sharing it, so naturally that affects how I am on stage,” McCallum explained, “I'm excited to share it all in such a cool local venue, for sure.”

A bonafide singer-songwriter in her own right, McCallum will be performing many of her original tunes on top of several meaningful covers for what should be a very engaging opener and a great local warm up act for The GodDamsels. It’s an opportunity McCallum is looking forward to.

The Goddamsels (photo by Andrea Shipka)

“(The GodDamsels) are amazing. Growing up in multiple variations of family bands, I'm a sucker for harmonies and these ‘damsels’ have got them down. They're super fun, alternative, and upbeat and I can't wait to hear them live.”

Tickets are $18 in advance and $20 at the door. Tickets can be purchased via the eventbrite link here. Doors to the Rock Trou will open at 7:30 pm with the music starting at 8.

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