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Jinjer brings Slavic Metal spice to Saskatoon

by Mark Allard-Will

photos by Mac Ulmer

Jinjer was in top form, bringing a tight technicality that was - quite frankly - like hearing the records

Within Saskatchewan's Metal community, it was quite the cause for celebration when Jinjer announced a Saskatoon date amid their 2023 Canadian tour earlier this year. T

The night came, Tuesday, Sept. 19th at the mighty Coors Event Centre, the lights dimmed, and the bands hit the stage with the ferocity you would be sure to expect.

The UK's Monuments took the stage as the sole support act for the Ukrainian Metal titans, and they did not disappoint. Their recent addition, vocalist Andy Cizek, commanded the crowd's attention like a puppeteer with expert showmanship and stage presence; while the technical precision of the British band's Progressive Metal intensity had the audience's heads banging as though their necks were made of elastic.

After a short break, Jinjer took the stage, you could've heard a pin drop in the seconds between the cheers as the lights went out and the band kicking into the opening track. The house was nearing capacity at this point and the atmosphere was palpable with the joy of seeing the Ukrainian Metal stalwarts perform.

The band was on top form, bringing a tight technicality that was - quite frankly - like hearing the records; heightened by the best live drum mic'd sound this writer has ever heard at a Metal show, avoiding the muddy clipping that is normally observed at Metal shows.

Complimenting the musicality of the band was the showmanship of front woman, Tatiana Shmayluk, who both commanded the crowd with an ease that oozed sheer professionalism and swayed to the music with a fluidity that was at times charged and almost sensual at others.

Adding to the musical showmanship was the synchronicity of the light show and video panel rig that provided that something extra to the electric atmosphere of the night.

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