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“Late Bloomer”- Follow Up Single From GreenWing

By Will Yannacoulias

Photos by Jazzy Pearl Photography

Every heavyweight knows the value of a good one-two punch, and so does Saskatoon alternative rock band GreenWing. August 24th marked the release of their second single “Late Bloomer”, a convincing follow up to the poppy snarl of their June debut “Social Cues”. An ode to the inevitability of growing up and the value of embracing your age, “Late Bloomer” is an energetic guitar-driven stomp, sugary sweet yet hard like a jawbreaker.

With the refrain “it’s not over when you turn thirty years old”, GreenWing singer/guitarist Matt Stinn proudly proclaims his position. “I definitely wrote it from the perspective of being at a show and feeling out of place, almost ‘aging out’” offered Stinn. “I’ll say, I’ve never felt unwelcome in the scene, but I’ve definitely felt out of place. Mainly due to the content of some song lyrics, I just can’t relate to skate punk and girlfriend songs anymore.”

“Late Bloomer” is available on all streaming services. The single is the title track to GreenWing’s debut album Late Bloomer, scheduled for release in late September. Be sure to catch GreenWing’s album release party at Amigos Cantina in Saskatoon September 30th.

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