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Local musician Terry Hoknes preserves Saskatoon’s musical history

Updated: May 10, 2023

By Will Yannacoulias

Well known Saskatoon musician Terry Hoknes has channeled his love of local history and music into a massive, ambitious project. Hoknes has been collecting and indexing articles from Saskatoon newspaper The Star Phoenix and is publishing the articles as books, divided into subject and decade. This November Hoknes releases the research he’s done covering the 1960s. His efforts are of particular interest to local music fans; two of the books are titled “1000 Music Concerts & Events” and “Encyclopedia of Musicians & Groups”. News articles, reviews, photos and flyers are used to tell the story of Saskatoon’s music in a unique, nostalgic way.

The three volumes will be available for purchase towards the end of November, but are available for pre-sale on Hoknes’s website

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