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Lucy's Seduction (Album Release Show) w/ Pine Barrens and Runway

A night of old friends, nostalgia and a feeling of a house show or a bbq that is reminiscent of what the hit series “Portlandia” shared as a shitty punk bbq. If your unaware of what this appears, it one where all the food is really late, the fire is nothing but smoke blowing in all the attendees faces and the beer is warm and of sub par quality, but everyone is having a good time because its all your friends and your collectively being anti mainstream. Yes that is definitely how one would describe the multi band packed release party that occurred back in late april for Lucy’s Seduction.

If you are a fan of “Radiation Flowers” then get over to the Myspace esk site Bandcamp and purchase the new track “Minds Eye” by Lucy’s Seduction. Yep this post grunge post emocore fill in the blank alternative sounding single is nothing but nostalgia and revisiting a sound that has been missing and has a Hole vibe.

The second single “Queen of Hearts” is a sonic journey into nostalgia, with a somewhat Joan Jet feel and a charged smash the patriarchy feel. This soundscape is a valentines themed release but has a more cynical tone then the conventional love song. The roots of this track feel very punk and riot girl meets joan jet meets hole.

The release happened at the very well loved Amigos Cantina! The show was a multi bill event with the “Pine Barrens” and “Runaway”.

Lucy’s Seduction is self described as per their bandcamp page, “Born from the rats of Jay's garage. Loose music, slick riffs, and stiff drinks.

Friends, fans, and current or past members of Radiation Flowers, Chunder Buffet, Ancient Pig, and State of Minefields. “ (LS)

Opening act “runaway” formerly known as “Shooting Guns”. did a sweet set with heavy grunge core fill in the blank vibes with a few lord of the rings mentions. One track took us to mount doom and back again. Heavy kicks, grange core guitar n bass. Hella punk vibes. Definitely a familiar soundscape to start the night.

“Pine Barrens” is best described as an Edmonton, alt indie grunge core nostalgia psychedelic with a touch of 80’s rifts! Definitely holds a spot in the warm fuzzies of the overall theme of shitty punk bbq. Not only that but the skillful road seasoned vets definitely delivered. The soundscape that “Pine Barrens” delivered had a hypnotic prog rock southern psych heavy blues quality of nostalgia core. This nostalgia theme even goes as far as the origins of a long reaching friendship.

“The year that Sled Island got rained out, we ended up playing at a house party with “Shooting Guns” (Runaway) and “Powder Blue”(Radiation Flowers) and have been friends ever since. “ Dean of “Pine Barrens”.

“Lucy’s Seduction” set came to finish up the night and like the food at a shitty punk bbq it was long awaited and highly anticipated. As far as the expectations that were had well, highly surpassing them while bringing the heavy post punk rock emo core nostalgia core feminist core sounds that are definitely welcomed into the soundscape. Yes “Lucy’s Seduction” brough the heavy sounds , but also brought a familiar essence. This familiarity is likely from all the bits and pieces that make up the lineup. Friends and warm fuzzies definitely occupy this soundscape. Overall “Lucy’s Seduction” is definitely an amazing band that is fun to watch and it really reminds us that things can be good again and friendship is essential.

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