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New Album by North Battleford's Jackie K Looks for the Little Things

Jackie K latest album Look for the Little Things

photo courtesy of Jackie K

If we have learned anything over the last two years it’s to look for the little things to remind us to have hope and gratitude. That is the thought behind naming Jackie K’s new EP aptly titled Look for the Little Things.

After feeling stuck in the house during Covid, teaching from home, Jackie felt like last winter was never going to end. During a zoom conference with some colleagues, the realization struck that she was even looking forward to seeing all the dandelions in the spring. That wishful thinking led to her collaboration with Evelyn Saungikar. "Dandelions Everywhere" is a joyful reminder that spring will eventually come and the snow will go away. Kids would often bring in bouquets of dandelion flowers or make a wish while blowing the seeds into the wind. And they are so hardy and difficult to get rid of.

Timing is everything in life. Jackie has been a teacher for over 20 years. In March of 2020, Jackie travelled to Nashville with her North Battleford Comprehensive High School music students right before Covid stopped all flights. They were lucky to make it home, and had only a few days back in school before they shut down. The recent loss of her father combined with the inspirational setting of the Grand Ole Opry, kindled a loving tribute song "Night at the Opry".

Jackie is part of an extremely talented musical family. When she recorded this album at Riverdale Recorders in Edmonton, AB, she was joined by her husband, Tom Kroczynski, who is her bass player, while her son Connor Newton, is her saxophone player, and her son Sean Newton played guitar and percussion. He also engineered, produced, and mastered her album. In a brief interview with NSMZ,sShe said she has been surrounded by music her entire life and loves playing with her family. One of her favourite spots to perform is at She-Nanigans in North Battleford as part of the Chickadee Songwriters Circle.

As this winter, a year later comes to a close, we need that cheerful reminder that Spring is coming once again, even to Saskatchewan.

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