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New Release Roundup (2024-07-02)

Updated: Jul 5

With so much great music bustin' out of Saskatchewan these days it can be a real challenge to stay in the loop. NSMZ is here to help. Introducing our new roundup feature, where we'll be wrangling up all the latest local music. Now, they might not all be your cup of whiskey, but I reckon some of these singles will be sure to get your boots stompin'. So saddle up and let's rustle up some hidden gems right here in our own backyard!

1. "Formulaic" by The Radiant

The Radiant continues to break all the rules with new release "Formulaic". Never ones to do anything by halves, this song brings all those big vocals, and driving rhythms in a song that leans heavy into the guitar licks with The Radiant's version of Rock and Roll. On an introspective level, it's about our how our actions carry us forward or have the ability to hold us back.

2. "Kamikaze" by Hollow Oax

Saskatoon based post-punk/post-hardcore band just dropped an album, Another Dose, at the end of June. The album release party is Saturday, July 6 at Amigo's Cantina. They'll be joined by Tunnel Kids and P.P. Cauldron. Check out "Kamikaze" one of the singles off the album or check out the entire album on Spotify, then make sure you join NSMZ at the show and keep an eye out for our full album review.

3. "Slow Down Girl" by Softlung

Softlung is the indie-rock project led by S.J. Kardash from Saskatoon. The album, Second Chances, was released in 2023. The video for "Slow Down Girl" was actually recorded well before the album's release, but unfortunately, was never completed. Eventually, he decided to transform the video into a standalone short film visual, which perfectly complements the song. Abi, Kardash's niece, shines in the video with her captivating movement and dance, effectively conveying the mood and telling the story flawlessly.

4. "Casual" by Banastronaut

The latest release from Banastronaut's upcoming album Liminal Spaceman is "Casual." The album is set to be released on July 5th, with the album launch event taking place at Amigo's Cantina on July 12th.

5. "Under The Moonlight" by ADEOLUWA

ADEOLUWA, the vibrant Nigerian-born artist making waves from his home base in Regina, released his EP "King of Detours" earlier this year. Among its standout tracks, "Under The Moonlight" emerges as a testament to his unique musical alchemy, blending hypnotic indie pop melodies with infectious Afrobeats rhythms.

6. "Run It Dry" by Jesse Davis

After 20 years spent honing his craft and developing his unique artistic voice, today Davis releases his debut single, Run It Dry, a tongue-in-cheek romp through the lighter side of climate catastrophe. Examining the looming impacts of desertification in the Canadian prairies, and directing cutting sarcasm at the comfortable middle/upper class who willfully ignore the coming calamity, the song is a jolly Trojan Horse carrying a dire message. Check the song out on Spotify.

7. "Painted Butterflies" and "Permanent Blindside" by Julie Ella

Julie Ella is a folk singer-songwriter from Saskatoon. Growing up in rural Saskatchewan, she has been honing her skills in writing, playing the guitar, and singing since the age of 15. Her captivating voice effortlessly conveys heartfelt lyrics and enchanting guitar melodies. Drawing from her life experiences, nature, and surroundings, her songs artfully blend metaphor and storytelling with memorable folk tunes. This spring she released two singles off her soon to be released full length album. "Painted Butterflies" came out May 29th, and "Permanent Blindside" was released June 19th. The album, Awake After Midnight, was recorded at Rainy Day Recording Co. and will be released in full August 21. Click the link to check them out on Spotify.

8. "Remarkable" by Nige B (feat. Artifice, The Visionary & Txreek)

The final single from Nige B’s upcoming album, “U R What U R, Vol. 2,” dropped July 12th, on all platforms.  “Remarkable” features infectious summer vibes, catchy melodies, and outstanding vocal performances from the featured artists Artifice, The Visionary, and Txreek. Nige B has truly elevated his music production on this track, delivering a sound that will captivate listeners from start to finish.


The latest release from Regina alt-rock artist KLOVR, "THRU THR FLOOR" is an energetic wall of sound about the helplessness and loneliness that you feel during hard times.


There you have it, a diverse selection of new music from talented local artists, with a little bit of something for everyone. Your support for local music is truly invaluable, so keep exploring and stay connected for more homegrown talent right at your fingertips.

If you have new music you'd like to see featured on our New Music Roundup, let us know! Send us an email with some basic information (a short bio, song description, album art, upcoming releases and shows, links, etc.) and maybe you can be a part of the next roundup.

Can't wait to hear from you!

Melanie Macpherson

Managing Editor, NSMZ

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