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New Single, New Video From Curtwood Bearsman

By Will Yannacoulias

Kindersley's Curtwood Bearsman released a new song and video yesterday, "Minus Forty", a two-fingers-up sneer at midwinter Saskatchewan weather. As we've been enjoying an unseasonably warm winter in 2023 "Minus Forty" is a tongue-in-cheek reminder of the joyless, sunless deep freeze we are collectively forced to bear this time of year. A strictly unaccompanied acoustic artist, Bearsman's previous singles have been dark, moody tunes exploring love lost and mental health. "Minus Forty" is an uncharacteristically uptempo track, profanity-laden and humorous, infused within a pop punk energy that shows Bearsman's range as a songwriter.

"I wrote 'Minus Forty' after waiting at a bus stop in Saskatoon for nearly an hour during -40 Celsius temperatures" Bearsman told NSMZ. "My feet were completely frozen, my beard was all icicles, and the bus I needed to take to the university simply never arrived. I was angry, exhausted, and felt stupid for holding out so long. After giving up and returning home, I picked up my guitar and wrote a song about the extreme harshness of Canadian winters. I’m hoping people will be able to relate to my frustration expressed throughout the song, and that they won’t mind my usage of swear words throughout the lyrics."

There's nothing more delightfully universally Canadian than way Bearsman tiredly drags out the final line "It's minus... fucking... forty...", his displeased drawl conveying all the weight of two months of winter behind, and two more months ahead. "Minus Forty" is available on all streaming services, and alongside all Curtwood Bearsman's music and videos at

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