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New Video & Single "Hairbrain" released from The Great Fuss

By Will Yannacoulias

It’s exciting for local indie music fans to see the recent activity from Saskatoon’s The Great Fuss. The group, who started playing together in 2016, have released two albums of songwriter/vocalist Pete Oldridge’s infectious, high energy, melodic garage rock. In anticipation of the spring release of their third album, Late Quakes, the band dropped a single and video today for the song “Hairbrain”.

When pressed to disclose which crack Hollywood production team is responsible for the video, Oldridge laughed. “I bought an app for $20 and made it myself, just sitting on my smart phone editing footage. Some of it is vacation footage, from when Kat (Great Fuss keyboardist Katherine Jones) and I went to Paris, Rome and Florence for our honeymoon.” Permanent Great Fuss members Chris Valleau on guitar and drummer Erik Sample round out the star studded cast, with the original track featuring guest saxophone from Rory Lynch and Brodie Moniker.

“Hairbrain” is on YouTube and all streaming services. A full feature interview with Pete Oldridge will appear in a future issue of NSMZ to compliment the upcoming release of Late Quakes.

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