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Our Last Day As Kids: A Saskatchewan made film about a bygone era that many still fondly remember

Updated: May 29

by Andreea Moore

Broadway Theatre photos by Bokeh Media

all other photos courtesy of Versa Films

This past Friday, May 17th, many within the Saskatoon music community gathered on the hallowed grounds of the Broadway Theatre for a “first screening” of the SK film Our Last Day As Kids which was written and directed by Dylan Hryciuk and produced by Versa Films. Hryciuk had been previously known in the province for his work with music videos. A short Q&A session with the cast and crew was held upon the conclusion of the film. An after party was held down the street at the Black Cat Tavern.

Our Last Day As Kids is essentially a representation of a lot of similarly lived experiences that are very much a product of the early 2000’s MySpace era. In fact, Hryciuk’s fictitious work, which zeros in on four friends, kids interested in the same music scene, who meet for the first time at a show, is really a love story to the lived experiences of the filmmaker himself that shaped his identity moving forward when it comes to his collective works. The time period is presented with a double portion of nostalgic flair to reflect how important to the Saskatchewan music scene this era was. It’s essentially a time that served as a coming of age for so many creatives in the province. 

Our Last Day As Kids, generally presents as deeply personal and relatable. Above all it shows how genuinely woven into the very essence of so many this time period was. While leaving the theatre and walking the half block to Black Cat Tavern (where the after party was held), all the familiar feelings, and thoughts carried a heavy weight.

Hearing the old familiar songs from 20 years ago featured in the film evoked so many memories. Some of the most pointed were hearing the Underoath song “Reinventing Your Exit”. This was a hugely popular track at the time. It stirred up memories of going to shows, and generally being on the path to becoming who we are now as individuals and as a greater collective. The testing of what things could be and what did become reality is a general thematic element in the film.

The use of language and tribalism is also portrayed in Hryciuk’s script. The aesthetic elements of handy cam footage to portray a first person style narrative alongside more of the expected high def footage is a clear tool that was used as an element of storytelling via the visual medium. By using this technique the audience is able to be truly transported to the time. The attention to detail within the work really emphasized the experience. 

For many this period of time was all about searching for, defining and becoming who we are today. The spirit of this came across in Our Last Day As Kids in a big way. The “teenage” experiences portrayed in the film of exploration of beliefs, sexuality and self discovery were all there.  A number of filmgoers expressed the sentiment of feeling "fif-fucking-teen" again. The concept of this time in life having a place between being a whole grown ass person or being a child still. That inner conflict and struggle is subliminally universal. By accurately capturing specific elements in the storytelling of the early 2000’s, this creative short film, as more people see it, will no doubt cement itself as a cultural and societal work of importance. 

*A few stills from the current incarnation of the film

You can find out more information on this short film via the Kickstarter link HERE. Hryciuk would like to convert this story into a feature length film at some point so any support and encouragement directed his way would be appreciated. In the meantime, be on the lookout for future screenings of this amazing short film. For for information on Hryciuk and Versa Films, click HERE.

The Our Last Day As Kids team:

  •  Executive Producers: Jason Mageau, Elisabeth Foucault

  •  Producers: Jeff Evans-Todd, Jeremy Ratzlaff, Style Dayne

  • Co-Producers: Dylan Hryciuk and Taegan O'Bertos

  •  Writer/Director: Dylan Hryciuk

  • Editor: Jason Hamill

  •  1st Assistant Director: Jessica Gares

  •  Art Director: Taegan O'Bertos

  •  Hair & Makeup: Kseniah Pidskalny

  •  Music/Score: Will Quiring

  •  Artist: Matt Ryan Tobin

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