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Patrick Moon Bird Continues to Evolve on Latest Release “Going Through The Motions”

By Will Yannacoulias

February 12 prolific Prince Albert Lo-Fi producer Patrick Moon Bird released his fourth full length album, Going Through The Motions. 28 tracks of original music deliver the patient, chill vibe Bird’s listeners have come to expect, while more complex arrangements, slicker production and Bird’s emergence as a vocalist and lyricist show his continued growth as an artist. Bird spoke with us about Going Through The Motions just days before the album’s release.

Bird seemingly never stops writing and producing new music, having once admitted “I can’t stop creating. That’s all I do.” The songs that appear on Motions began to come together almost immediately after the release of his last album. “As soon as I released 2021 I immediately started writing. Within a couple months I had finished songs” he recalled.

Bird’s music has continually evolved, with Motions showcasing a writing and producing style more unique than ever. With every album Bird becomes increasingly comfortable and confident as a vocalist and lyricist, adding fewer instrumental arrangements on later releases. “My goal is to eventually put out an album with vocals on every track” Bird shared. “There’s only two or three instrumentals on this one. I’m striving to be more of a singer. Sometimes the music wouldn’t convey the emotion i wanted to portray. Lyrics and vocals let me tell more of a story, or to express ideas and feelings in a more powerful way.”

Another area where Bird has grown his art is by incorporating live performance. As a multi-instrumentalist combining digital and analog elements, Bird once assured that his music was not intended or suited to be played live. Last July that changed when Bird shared a bill with Soulfather at an outdoor show in Prince Albert, followed by a September performance on the Vizzy Stage at Saskatoon’s Coors Event Center, opening for Ariel. Bird spoke fondly of the experience, sharing that “The biggest challenge was having to go through all my tracks and take the vocals off so I could sing them live. The Vizzy stage was really fun, I had all my friends show up. I never thought I’d get to play the same venues as bands and artists I look up to. I think it turned out great, I was surprised my music had reached the ears of these artists. I met people who were already familiar with my stuff and told me they loved it, which I had no idea about and felt really good.”

Patrick Moon Bird’s album Going Through The Motions is available on all streaming platforms.

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