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2023 NSMZ Electronic Artist of the Year: Patrick Moon Bird

By Will Yannacoulias

Every musician shares a common dream; to cloister oneself away, surrounded by instruments and recording equipment and to live life completely immersed in the creative process. Prince Albert artist Patrick Moon Bird has embraced that dream, spending much of the last four years writing, recording and releasing six full length albums and countless singles. Bird began as a Lo-Fi hip hop producer and still has roots in the genre, but the multi instrumental artist has expanded and grown to develop a sparse, dreamy style all his own, showcased most recently on the full length album Away From The City released last June. Aside from the occasional collaboration, Bird writes, performs, produces, distributes and promotes all of his prolific output, putting up streaming numbers that dwarf the reach of most indie artists. For his amazing body of quality work and for consistently making the impossible look effortless, we’re proud to recognize Patrick Moon Bird as NSMZ’s Electronic Artist of the Year.

Away From The City is available on all streaming services.

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