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Patrick Moon Bird, Jonathon Karabekian To Headline Pride In The Park

By Will Yannacoulias

Prince Albert Pride have announced local celebrations for Pride Month to take place on Saturday June 11th. A city-wide parade will culminate at Kinsmen Park at 2 PM, where an afternoon of food, entertainment, music and public speaking is planned. Sad Sally and Karma K Meleon of the YXE Drag Collective are hosting, returning to Prince Albert for the first time since The Collective’s raucous performance last summer at the Art Hauser Center. Musical entertainment will be provided by local Lo Fi Producer Patrick Moon Bird, who released his fourth full length album Going Through The Motions in February, and rapper Jonathon Karabekian, who himself is fresh off the release of his latest project Eunice.

“Pride In The Park has been around for a few years” Bird told NSMZ, “but this year is different, we can all gather together since restrictions have been lifted. I'm a massive supporter for 2SLGBTQIA+ rights. Super excited to play this year for Pride and I can't wait to DJ for everyone!”

Karabekian expressed his excitement about the performance, but reminded everyone that Pride is a mindset to carry all year long and not just a theme for a party. “I am beyond ecstatic to not only take part in the events organized by Prince Albert Pride but to also be included in the entertainment schedule for Pride in the Park.” he shared. “However, in all the joy and celebration it's important to remember that Pride isn't something that begins and ends with June, don't forget about everyone who isn't here to celebrate Pride with us this year and please consider donating to

The Trevor Project!/donation/checkout

Trans Lifeline

It Gets Better Project

Or any of your local 2SLGTBQIA+ organizations.”

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