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Photo of the Year - Belle Plaine Performs in Prince Albert

Updated: May 18, 2023

At NSMZ we are very fortunate to have an experienced staff photographer who likes unconventional and unique shots. We have made use of many of these photos in the pages of the zine over the last few months. Our staff discussed many of our favourite shots by Deanna but, in the end, this one, which served as the cover of our November issue, was the consensus choice. Posting on her "Contingent Colours" Facebook page, Roos had this to say about her photo shoot of Belle Plaine at her September 25th concert at the EA Rawlinson Centre For the Arts:

"My favorite pic of the night was this one. Why? cause it has unusual lighting and angle. The eyes get pulled between the beautiful artist and the foreground/suitcase with the focus of the pic being split between the two. Is it that I get tired of seeing and taking stock photos of bands with the classic artist behind a mic with guitar in hand pose even though that is what the bands, publicists, magazines, and their fans seem to love? Probably. Is it that I see my photography as an art so crave more creativity? Probably. Is it that I'm a bit of a weirdo? That might be it."

We are thankful to have our staff weirdo/photographer working with the zine. If you are interested in seeing some more of her work, please visit her facebook page here:

In the meantime, here's some more of our favourite Deanna pics that have graced the pages of NSMZ Articles!

*Saskatoon hip hop artist Eekwol performs at the Rawlinson

*A spooky late night shoot led to this Kinsmen Park photo of Prince Albert's Patrick Moon Bird

*Big River Bluegrass preservationists Jake & Ira performed at a quaint backyard event at the end of the summer

*Charles Benson smiles for this pose on the steps of PACI in Prince Albert

*Katelyn Lehner plays an impromptu performance at Little Red River Park for Deanna

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