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Poor Nameless Boy: Jean Jackets, The Single, and a Trip to the Songwriter’s Holy Land

Updated: Nov 12, 2022

By Andreea Moore

Regina based songwriter Joel Henderson, who you may only know as Poor Nameless Boy, just released the track “Jean Jackets”. Henderson’s music can probably be described as alt/singer songwriter/folk/ fill in the blank Saskie sound. Henderson has played the likes of Breakout West, Folk Alliance and various other shows that veterans in the scene would recognize. Definitely a well versed world traveled artist.

The best way to describe this track would be as an indie film soundscape, but way more underground-cool than anything at Sundance. Henderson’s voice is distinctly smooth, mellow and perfectly paired with his signature guitar style, like pumpkin spice and fall or the 1990’s and glitter. “Jean Jackets” is also reminiscent of early fall, where one is taking in the last few days of freedom before the cold sets in. This concept of last freedom before the cold feeling is universal to persons living in a cold climate and can be a uplifting yet somber concept, as the conflict of seasons await.

Henderson had been a vocal advocate for and supporter of helping create safe shows and supporting survivors of sexualized violence. In conversation Henderson is passionate about these issues. “90 percent of the music industry and music labels generally support bands like The Dead South, and it's disturbing the kinds of things in their lyrics” Henderson said, referencing a song with lyrics that explicitly promotes incest and rape. Henderson committed to supporting survivors, and organizations such as SSAIC, Prairie Harm Reduction and RSAC.

Earlier this fall PNB spent time in what many would call the songwriting holy land. Nashville has been described as THE place to practice the craft of songwriting. This was a exciting yet stressful venture as the world is currently undergoing the 4th wave of the Covid-19 pandemic. Henderson describes the experience as stressful, strange and at times surreal. These times for the working musician are trying; what was once time tested is now uncertain.

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