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“Preacher Man”- New Single, New Video From Christopher James Vasseur

By Will Yannacoulias

"Preacher Man" is the first new release from Saskatoon songwriter Christopher James Vasseur since the July debut of his EP Love & Divorce. The new single, out today, is a heartfelt celebration of one of Vasseur's close friends and songwriting inspirations.

"The idea for the song came from a friend of mine" Vasseur told NSMZ. "He’s one of the first genuine people I met when I moved to Saskatoon in 2018. He does so much for his community and the people around him, I thought he deserved a song!"

"Preacher Man" is available on all streaming services, but is also debuting on YouTube today with an animated video made by the multi-talented Vasseur. "The video came about when I made a small storyboard video to convey my idea to the band" he shared. "They laughed hard at my bush-league attempt and suggested that should be the video! So I cleaned up the drawings a bit and made a slightly better version."

The "Preacher Man" single & video release party is tonight, with performances from Vasseur as well as special guest Out of Frequency (Fabian Villeneuve). More information on tonight's event is available at

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