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Record of the Year: People of the Sun's Last Day of Summer

Updated: May 20, 2023

2020 presented us with several unexpected and excellent albums. The group that stands out the most is People of The Sun with their debut EP, Last Day of Summer. This maiden voyage of Regina’s diverse 8-piece R&B/Hip Hop act through Sharp 5 Records was recorded live and proves that original and inspiring music is alive and well.

POTS is the inspiration of Erik Mehlsen (Guitar, Producer, Label Founder) with his vision made possible through the epic conglomeration of players as well as the skillful mix of Justin Bender. Supported by a live rhythm section consisting of Rob Lane (Bass), Cyprian Henry (Drums), and Ethan Reoch (Keys), you are then greeted by the individually distinct voices of Info Red, Origin of Spin, Adeoluwa, and Nini Jegz.

Energized and uplifting is what POTS deliver with their cocktail of styles that is fresh and cutting edge. POTS bring a positive vibe through their message to the music world with Last Day of Summer. It will make you think as well as get up and dance as if there is no one else around because it is just catchy as can be. What further makes this band stand out is the goal of Sharp 5 Records. It’s mission is to represent it’s community through anti-racist efforts, displaying multiculturalism, representing female voices, and doing their part towards reconciliation with Canada’s Indigenous peoples. With all this talent and positivity, there is no excuse to not get up to dance and love your neighbor with Last Day of Summer as your soundtrack for 2021.

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