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Reignwolf’s The Woods: A Single With Psychedelic Visuals

Updated: Nov 12, 2022

By Andreea Moore

With the long awaited single release by scene veteran Reignwolf aka Jordan Cook we are reminded why sheer talent and experience combine to make something veering on nostalgia of classic rock with a border on  emo/scremo fill in the blank core sound.

Cook’s vocals in this track are a hint of what one might call gravel vocal. This track also brings about the collaborative nature of the scene by featuring Brad Wilke.

What immediately comes to mind with the thematic nature of this work is the post apocalyptic world we reside in. The track speaks of the struggles that are faced in the collective arts scene and the greater global scene. This track is also somewhat of a cautionary tale, of how we as a society are not entirely done with the scary global times we face in the post pandemic state of being. This is very evident if one is to look upon the news and look into the data, however that is a different story for another time.

Cook’s use of the psychedelic visuals paired with the overall thematic nature of the single show that there is a very thoughtful look to the state of existence. It is definitely a derivative from his usual feel good to show a more pessimistic vantage point. This marks a possible turning point for Cook as he also recently received a track of his featured in the hit series, “The Legacies”.

What more can one say about this track, but its definitely one to take for a spin while entering the youtube auto play roulette of viewing.

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