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Saskatoon's Paul Kuzbik releases new single "Diamonds"

Updated: May 18, 2023

By Will Yannacoulias

Today Saskatoon singer-songwriter Paul Kuzbik released the poignant video for his new single “Diamonds”. The song is the first of several singles leading up to the September 10, 2021 release of Kuzbik’s much anticipated new LP The Miracle Of Being.

“The whole song came to me during a rainy Father’s Day weekend in a tiny cabin up at Waskesiu last year” Kuzbik recalled. “With a little help from my family, ‘Diamonds’ was inspired by the idea of sending a message to Nico, my son, for him to rediscover in the future. A gentle reminder to choose love and see the diamonds within ourselves, rather than chasing a life of meaningless material things.”

“Diamonds” is a sweet, mellow song showcasing Kuzbik’s smooth voice, memorable melodies and relaxed acoustic guitar. Firmly planted in the singer/songwriter genre with the subtle country vibe that informs so much Saskatchewan music, the track promises a mature, exciting album to come. “During the pandemic I've been able to take a pause and look back on my life and music, reflecting on where I've been and where I would like to go” Kuzbik mused. “I grew up on classic singer/songwriters like Bob Dylan and Neil Young, and at my core I am a songwriter first and foremost.”

The century-old brick and giant cathedral windows of the Glass & Lumber venue in Riversdale provide the backdrop for the “Diamonds” video, which Kuzbik collaborated with Prehistoric Productions for. The video cuts between Kuzbik’s performance, projected family videos and dreamy sequences of Kuzbik and his son Nico playing together. “Nico is the star!” Kuzbik shared. “He loves music and was super excited to be on set shooting the video and loved seeing it. I'm really happy to have it, not only as a great piece of content for this song, but also as a beautiful keepsake from this part of my life.”

“Diamonds” is available on YouTube and on all streaming services. The Miracle Of Being will be available September 10th.

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