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Scott's Three Favourite Records of 2021

By Scott Roos

Well, 2021 kicked all of our asses but it wasn't all doom and gloom. In spite of all the COVID stuff that was constantly in orbit over Saskatchewan, many artists in our gorgeous "land of living skies" were able to use some of the down time to create some truly moving and interesting records. Really, if I had the time and the motivation, this list could easily be 15-20 solid albums but alas, there can be only three. Here's to 2022 and, at least in terms of the great music, more of the same.

The Garrys - Get Thee To A Nunnery

Morricone spaghetti western vibes softly intertwine with surf rock and doowop. The Garrys are some weird shit. But it works. The sonics on this latest release serve to underscore their already immense street cred for creating some of the more instantly recognizable and unique music in the province. Tunes like "Bury Me With My Money", "R.M. of Wolverine" and the cool as fuck instrumental "Ambrosia Salad" are standout tracks to this essential Saskatchewan album of 2021.

Seven Mile Sun - Light in the Dark

Seven Mile Sun, a three piece unit originally hailing from Harris, is the embodiment of the rock n roll aesthetic on their debut outing entitled Light in the Dark. Punchy riffs in concert with a top flight rhythm section support singer/guitarist Kevin Stevens' thought provoking lyrics. This is a can't miss album from a band that will no doubt continue to get better with age. Seven Mile Sun are a band that like their meat and potatoes classic rock vibes with a twist of lemon.

Megan Nash & the Best of Intentions - Soft Focus Futures

Quirky, pop imbibed, alternative rock with clevor hooks abound on Soft Focus Futures. Combine that with her Pieces of You Jewel-esque vocalizations and deeply personal lyrics and you get one of the standout Saskatchewan albums of 2021. Nash has proven why she is one of the premiere songwriters that the province of Saskatchewan has to offer with this release. Standout tracks include "My Own Heart", "Quiet" and "Artifact".

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