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"Sit, watch,and enjoy the moment" Regina rockers The Hourhand set to play PA street fair (June 17th)

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

by Scott Roos

Hourhand and Justin LaBrash photos by Deanna Roos

Jonathon Karabekian and Ray of Sunshine photos by Scott Roos

Hourhand guitarist Cole Van Woert (photo by Deanna Roos)

On Saturday, June 17th, the city of Prince Albert will play host to its annual Street Fair. At various locations in and around Central Avenue, the traditional site of the street fair, there will be children's activities, a classic car show, food trucks and vendors, a farmer's market, a PAGC Cultural Village and so much more. There will also be two stages that play host to a talented and eclectic array of performers - one located on 11th Street and another located on 14th street.

Jonathon Karabekian poses under the bridge at Little Red River Park (photo by Scott Roos)

The 11th Street stage will boast the likes of hip hop artist Jonathon Karabekian. Karabekian, who was born and raised in Prince Albert, has been making a name for himself these past few years, slowly climbing his way up the rap ladder in Saskatchewan. He will be performing a tweener set from 2:30 - 2:45 in between the "magician" and the "jugglers". It may be a short set, giving Karabekian only a few songs to shine, but he still relishes the opportunity of playing in front of the home town crowd.

"I’m excited for (the street fair). I love the opportunity to play in PA," Karabekian told NSMZ.

Other notables performing on 11th Street are Stephanie Rose (12:30 - 1:30) and Wade and Chord Fehr who will be sharing the stage with Michelle McKeaveney.

Unlike the 11th Street stage, which will showcase a diverse selection of entertainment, the 14th Street stage's offering will be all music starting at 10:30 am with Dave Arsenault and ending at 4:30 with Ray of Sunshine.

Weyburn country singer-songwriter Justin LaBrash (photo by Deanna Roos)

Weyburn based pop country crooner Justin LaBrash will perform on the 14th Street stage at 3 pm. Still riding the wave of his 2022 full length entitled The Neon Palm Tree, LaBrash will be performing in duo format alongside bassist Parker Nabis. Nabis' acrobatic bass lines, and captivating stage presence alone will be worth watching, let alone the next level songwriting, and silky voice that will be on full display from LaBrash.

"PA has always been a very welcoming city for me," remarked LaBrash when asked about the up and coming street fair gig.

The Hourhand at MooseFest 2022 in Bellevue, SK

In a complete change of pace, Regina rockers The Hourhand will play 14th Street from 3:45 - 4:30. Slowly but surely becoming "ones to watch" within the provinces circle of great live bands, The Hourhand wear their classic rock influences on their sleeves. There's Thin Lizzy, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Nazareth and a bunch of others in their sonic attack. They are a self described "blues/rock" band. A power trio made up of Cole Van Woert on guitar, Gray Farrow on bass and vocals and Dawson Dressler on drums, their set will be tight and energetic. They have a lot of fun on stage and, in turn, their audiences have just as much fun grooving to what the guys are laying down. The Hourhand understands the incidental nature of the street fair environment and intend to roll with those punches and give 110% regardless.

"When there’s a street fest like the one in PA, where some people might be walking by, they might have other things that they’re interested in too, so the strategy is try to get their attention right away, and keep their attention so they stay and watch us," Dressler tells NSMZ.

"I think we’re going to treat the people that watch us, we’re playing for them," quips Van Woert, "It’s going to be a proper Hourhand show for whoever decides to sit, watch and enjoy the moment; the experience."

Ending the day on 14th Street will be Prince Albert jam band favourites Ray of Sunshine. These guys worship at the altar of bands like the Grateful Dead and Phish. They have a solid groove and are a crew of talented musicians that are improving steadily, largely due to their love of what they do. They'll put on a great show and have toes tapping. they will be playing from 4:30 to 5:30 pm. They also have a show at the Rock Trout later that evening if you're unable to see them play at the street fair.

Ray of Sunshine played last year's Street Fair event as well. (pic by Scott Roos)

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