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The energy was magnetic: Regina's Dead Levee Rocks Saskatoon

Updated: May 15, 2023

by Victoria Perras

photo by Michael Scraper

The Coors Event Centre in Saskatoon was shaking on October 16th when Dead Levee showed up. The band’s last show in Saskatoon was 19 months ago at Buds on Broadway the day that the pandemic began.

At Coors, the band gave it their all as they usually do which made for a really fun time. Dead Levee’s bassist Tyler Morgan told NSMZ “I feel the anticipation of our Saskatoon fans not being able to see live music mixed with our anticipation to perform our new material in front of them was a perfect combination for an absolutely amazing night. The energy was magnetic”. Preston Laschuk (drummer) also commented “I’d say the crowd was one of the best that we’ve ever been able to play in front of. Very loud and involved the entire time and Dane even got to crowd surf”.

The band not only enjoyed playing for the crowd but also really enjoyed performing at the Coors Event Centre venue. Rhythm guitarist Rylan Dusyk said “The Coors Event Centre is a fantastic room with incredibly clear and thick sound. Personally, between the deeply invested crowd, stage/lights, and sound, Coors is one of my favourite rooms to play in Canada”.

Frontman Dane Von Hagen gave a great response when asked about the highlight of the show. “Personally speaking as the frontman of Dead Levee the moment for me that will be forever held in great regard was the performance of 'Let Me Love You'. During this particular performance there was a very special moment of serenity, peace, and love where myself and the band along with everyone in the crowd came together hand in hand chanting a mantra of 3 simple words, 'I love you'. In this moment I witnessed the harmony of complete strangers coming together in body, mind, and spirit”. Dane also added how a number of interactions took place after the show between him and others discussing the need for human connection in today’s society. “As they expressed their gratitude I felt an immense feeling of peace wash over me. I left them with one simple request. For each and every person who shared this experience or is reading this article not to take a piece of this special moment through the doors of the Coors Event Centre or out the doors of your home into the wor'd, which so badly needs one simple thing: for us as human beings to be loving, kind, and forgiving. If you can share this simple message with your fellow man, women and children my mission here in life has been fulfilled”.

band is very thankful for this show and for all the people who came out to support them. “This was one of, if not the best crowd response shows that we’ve had to date. We are so blessed to have the fans that we do” Morgan said.

Dead Levee’s lead guitarist Ray Klapatiuk explained to NSMZ what their plans are for the rest of this year and into 2022. “Dead Levee plans to focus on writing and recording for the rest of the year. New music is our goal. In 2022 we plan on bringing the new music to as many people as possible. We plan on some big releases and to play as much as possible”.

There is no doubt that Dead Levee will be slowing down anytime soon. They will continue to perform amazing high energy level shows and will continue recording and releasing awesome new music as well. If you ever get a chance to see Dead Levee live make sure you do. It is an experience that you won't want to miss.

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