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The Music Industry's Behinds (Working Title)

by Chris Vasseur

When I started my still fresh music journalism side gig(s), I was dazzled at the opportunity to not only listen to new records from some of my favourite artists, but sometimes be able to meet them and even chat with them. I love to help spread the word about great music and having the chance to really dive into it on a local scale is pretty awesome.

The really great thing about writing for NSMZ is the freedom our evil overlord Scott Roos gives us to write what we want.

I want to take the spotlight away from the stage and shine it on the back of the room. Back where the sound guy is, maybe a couple of guitar techs are hanging out. These people in the trade (and music is a trade, to be sure) that are doing a lot of the heavy lifting behind the scenes don't often get the credit they deserve. This series is hoping to adjust that, at least a tiny little bit.

In this series we are going to meet Todd Peters, a local luthier/guitar tech/shop of wonders owner who has become the best place in town to bring your strings.

We’re also gonna learn about the hard path of adversity that Matthew Facca had to fight through to find his way to his audio dreams.

In the third part of the series, I’ll be shining the spotlight on the magical Sound Castle in Viscount, Sk and it’s very sharp eared owner Christian Douglas.

The interwoven series will cumulate in the final and fourth piece of the series, a behind the scenes glimpse of a pretty cool, secret (kinda) live musical event with ties to the whole project.

Keep following NSMZ for more…..first part coming very soon:)

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