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Thoughts of Summer: Anna Haverstock Has Something Groovy Brewing

by Christopher James Vasseur

A ripping melodic, flowery guitar groove opens up this new tune by the multi talented artist Anna Haverstock. It reminds me of the 1960’s. Cream, Donovan and The Strawberry Alarm Clock. Trippy, psychedelic bands of the like.

Instead of sunshine and lollipops though, Haverstock’s subject matter is closer to the heart. Haverstock says of the track, “The song was inspired by fleeting moments and queer dynamics in romantic relationships. It’s about being true to oneself.” That’s a ton of self reflection and accountability which obviously lends perfectly to the vibe of this summer filled romantic ode.

Get lost in the reflective and unapologetically apologetic lyrics or find yourself in the deep grooves of this dynamic single. This isn’t an anthem but it kinda feels like one. Anyway you look at it, it’s a fun summer song with depth and I can’t wait to hear more.

The creative line up on this one is crazy good too with a who’s who of the local music scene lending their talents. “Thoughts of Summer” was recorded at the wonderful Skull Creek studios with Aspen Beveridge (mixing and mastering) and Leot Hanson.

The band itself is just as impressive. Anna handled vocals and guitar with the vastly skilled Matt Smith on lead guitar, sister Jill Haverstock on background vocals, Manitou Garry Julie Maier on that slick and ominous bass and Matthew McLaughlin keeping things down and groovy on the drums.

I saw (almost) this line up last year at Jazz Fest and all I can say is look forward to more from this gem of a rock star. Truly one of the top singer/songwriter/guitarist combos around. Haverstock is also an amazing visual artist and you can check out some of her pieces in the links below.

As if a great new single and artsy side gig aren’t enough, Haverstock also finds herself teaming up with 9 Mile Brewery for a custom collaborative ale... or lager? Could be a pilsner or a switzenburg or something too, I suppose. Both the beer and the super fun summer track debut on July 12th, just in time to enjoy together under that hot, hot Saskatchewan sun.

You can listen early on Bandcamp, which I’ve linked below:)

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