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Week 3 ReCap: Laughs, Loss, and Lots More Music

Updated: May 25, 2023

Article by Melanie Macpherson

Photos by Melanie Macpherson and Tracy Creighton (Copperblue Photography & Design)

Kelly Taylor lights up the stage (photo by Melanie Macpherson)

The week of the anniversary celebration was a mix of highs and lows. Thursday’s lineup of comedians performed to a sold out crowd. The much anticipated Joel Plaskett performance on Friday was postponed. Parkland, Scenic Route to Alaska, and Amos the Kid performed Saturday night.

Comedy Night host Myles Morrison (photos by Melanie Macpherson)

After a tough week going out to a show can seem like a big effort. Getting dressed up, finding a baby-sitter, spending money and getting to bed late can be a tough sell for a lot of people. In my case, add in taking pictures and remembering enough about the show to write a semi-intelligent review, and it can be almost overwhelming. But laughter is supposed to be the best medicine, so despite all of that, I walked into The Cap on Thursday night curious and with a fair amount of anticipation. After all, I’m a big fan of stand up, but I haven’t been to a live show in years.

Shawn Bourassa (photos by Melanie Macpherson)

Myles Morrison hosted the comedy night and started the show off right. With jokes about life and family, he set the tone for the whole evening and is now definitely on my watch list. Shawn Bourassa was edgy and just a little twisted, and kept the audience wondering what was coming next. Lachlan McWilliams was the ultimate straight man, never cracking a smile, but keeping the audience in stitches.

Lachlan McWilliams (photos by Melanie Macpherson)

Shawn Cuthand brought a playful, light-hearted and approachable sense of humor to the night. He worked the crowd really well, and quickly became another new favourite of mine. Kelly Taylor’s set was casual yet physical and felt more like a conversation with a really funny friend. With stories of his experiences as a young comedian, struggling in school and his life with his family, he kept the audience laughing for at least an hour and a half. He interacted with the audience throughout the night, and even took favourite story requests.

Shawn Cuthand (photos by Melanie Macpherson)

All of the comedians were fantastic and definitely made me question why I don’t go out to see comedians more often. Nothing lifts the spirit like laughing until you cry for a few hours. A big thank you to The Capitol and to all of the comedians for bringing just the medicine I needed last week.

Headliner Kelly Taylor put on a fantastic show! (photos by Melanie Macpherson)

The WestJet pilot strike could not have had worse timing for Joel Plaskett fans. Plaskett and his team had their flights canceled, in anticipation of the strike. The strike was averted at the last minute after the union and the airline came to an agreement, but it was already too late for us. But “the show must go on” and The Capitol rallied by offering a free show with opening acts Luke Ryalls and John Antoniuk, and joined by (round two of) The Great Fuss.

John Antoniuk (photos by Tracy Creighton)

John Antoniuk and Luke Ryalls are both singer-songwriters who performed solo sets. While each had a unique story to tell, they had a lot in common. They both played harmonica and guitar at the same time, sang some very emotional songs about their kids and were both very energetic and passionate with a stage presence that seemed to take up more space than you’d expect for a single person and a guitar.

Luke Ryalls (photos by Tracy Creighton)

The Great Fuss played two sets, and as always have to be seen to be believed. Packing more people onto stage than seems possible, this band always manages to bring down the house. Check out Tara McDermott’s fantastic review of The Great Fuss with Said The Whale for more details on one of the most energetic bands in Saskatoon.

The Great Fuss (photos by Tracy Creighton)

Saturday night things were back on schedule. 5 piece Winnipeg rock band Amos the Kid started the night off with a catchy, cool, guitar-driven energy. Edmonton Indie faves Scenic Route to Alaska brought great energy, sweet harmonies and more sound than you’d expect from a 3 piece.

A side project of members of local band Close Talker, Parkland hit the local scene to much critical acclaim. With a tight mix of folk and indie rock, their show brought a great mix of rowdy sing-alongs and comforting crooning. For full details and lots of great pics check out our full review by Christopher James Vasseur with photo support from Tracy Creighton.

Keeping up with The Capitol’s 9th Anniversary is quickly becoming a full-time job, and I haven’t even been able to make it out to all of the brunches, trivia nights, open stages, karaoke and more. The only way to keep up with all of what’s going on is to follow The Cap on Instagram or Facebook and be the first to know. They have really gone all out this month with celebrations, but it's not done yet. The final countdown is on and you only have one more weekend to get in on the celebration.

This Friday, May 26, is a special double album release for Son of Han and Nutana. Son of Han is the solo project of Cap co-owner, and member of too many bands to list, Leot Hanson. Nutana is the solo side project of The Sheepdog’s Sam Corbett. I can’t wait for this one! Be sure to check out NSMZ interviews with Hanson and Corbett so you know why you need to be there too. Saturday is the sold out 80s Dance Party. It’s going to be a blast, so I hope you managed to get tickets early if that’s your jam.

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