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A Letter From the Editor: February 2022

Well, it's been a tough few months with COVID19 rearing it's ugly head again with yet another variant but, as they say in the business, the show must go on and, in terms of the zine, we've got what I think is a very exciting February edition. Huge shoutout to all the artists who are featured within our pages. Without you we wouldn't have anything to write about!

I know it's been hard to envision a light at the end of the pandemic tunnel but hopefully my staff will be able to get out and cover some shows again. We love to see and hear live music. Saskatchewan has a vibrant music scene and it's been awesome witnessing it first hand since we started this project.

At any rate, as usual, please continue to support us by sharing our work with others. And keep recommending that people "like" our facebook page and also follow us on twitter and instagram. This is the currency of social media and the more shares, likes and follows we have the more credibility is lended to what we are doing. On facebook we are SOOOOOO CLOSE to 1000 follows. Help us get the rest of the way!

- Scott Roos

(Managing Editor, NSMZ)

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