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"Big, shouty, hook laden choruses" - Saskatoon's GreenWing release highly anticipated sophomore record

by Scott Roos

Our grade: B

Eatin’ It, the highly anticipated sophomore outing from Saskatoon based GreenWing, is a strong set of eight songs that see the already energetic duo of Travis Williams (bass) and Matt Stinn (vocals/guitars) sonically bolstered by the latest additions of young, journeyman drummer Kolton Kimbley and respected scenester Anthony Allegretto on guitar. This rejigged GreenWing lineup collectively has created a punchy, jivey album, residing comfortably within a sort of Big Shiny Tunes 90's-esque pop punk/alt rock vibe. There’s lots of big, shouty, hook laden choruses and power-chordy riffs complimented by Stinn’s signature emotive singing. 

In general the production on Eatin' It  is adequate and does the job. The guitars have a bite to them and there’s a distinct drive to everything with Kimbley’s meat and potatoes, in the pocket drumming, underpinning it all alongside the thumping bass of Williams. Stinn’s vocals, although front and centre, seem pulled back in the mix. This album has a lot to say in terms of the singer’s own personal introspection. Stinn’s certainly on his soapbox preaching to his millennial choir on Eatin' It with his familiar tongue in cheek nature. Thematically focused on interpersonal conflict, embracing the positives in life, and coming of age, his words alongside the melodic nuances of his vocals should be more of a focal point. At points throughout the record, in the verses specifically, they don't present that way as much as they perhaps should.

Kicking things off with “At the Time '', which is the lead single off of Eatin’ It, the album sort of trucks along from mid tempo head bobber to mid tempo head bobber. Other tracks of note are “Consequences” and “Fences” to name a few. The whole album is chock full of well crafted, three minute, singalong, radio friendly unit shifters. Arguably, all the songs on this album are great and could be the band’s next big single, hopefully getting them the mainstream spins and influencer playlist adds that every band seems to crave these days. This hitmaker mentality on the part of the band does create a moderate sense of "samey" when listening to the record front to back but all in all, everything is still quite worthy of blasting on repeat.

GreenWing, in general, has released a top notch record that will no doubt please their ever growing fan base whilst also providing the band with additional material to beef up their set. They are a dynamic and fun group to see live. With these new songs, it will no doubt be banger after banger when they take the stage. Eatin’ It is a solid follow up to Late Bloomer and certainly a logical next step in their evolutionary trajectory. It's a recommended listen for those who dig what GreenWing has been known to lay down.

photo by Saul and Nova Creative

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