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Garry’s Third Single “It’s Over” Precedes New Album Release

By Will Yannacoulias

Photo By Aidan Grimwood

Building anticipation for their upcoming new album Get Thee To a Nunnery, Saskatoon’s The Garrys released their third single “It’s Over” on Friday. The track, produced by Dallas Good of The Sadies and released on Grey Records, is a return to the ‘doom-wop’ dark surf sound that has become the band’s signature style.

In their own words, The Garrys described “It’s Over” as “a breakup track taking its cues from late-1950s teenage heartbreak anthems and classic Girl Group melodrama. Oozing vintage style, with pensive guitars and misty-eyed vocal harmonies, The Garrys sway and bounce on an emotional high-wire between the failed-relationship extremes of “it’s fine” and “I wanna die”, and invite the listener to join them in a moment of indulging every messy feeling that can bubble up in the aftermath of a breakup.”

The upcoming album Get Thee to a Nunnery will be available on all platforms September 24, but preorders began Friday via

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