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Industry Movers and Shakers Award - Joel Rohs

Updated: May 17, 2023

By Will Yannacoulias

Pics by Scott and Deanna Roos

Prince Albert’s Joel Rohs proves that if vision is followed by hard work, anything is possible. The musician, songwriter, engineer, producer and promoter has worked tirelessly to realize his grand plans to make music a bigger part of the city’s character. His band, Rohs, released a full length LP this year, You Were Right, nine tracks of polished, sincere alt-country goodness. You Were Right was not the only recording to emerge from Rohs’s Tri Sonic Studio, with him serving as producer and performing on releases from Kayleigh Skomorowski, Wade Fehr, Jake Vaadeland and South West. Rohs is also an enthusiastic promoter, bringing artists to Prince Albert for hall dances and cabarets as well as booking tours for local artists to travel around the province. The true feather in Joel Rohs’s cap is Chester Fest, the annual weekend festival where local indie artists share the stage with established national acts, creating a live music experience the quality and scale of which Prince Albert has never seen before. With two stages, 21 artists and over 600 attendees each day, this past September’s Chesterfest proved again that Joel Rohs can do literally anything he puts his mind to.

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