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It's a Beautiful Community: Bif Naked Talks Prince Albert Connections

Updated: May 10, 2023

By Mark Allard-Will

Canada’s Punk Rock icon, Bif Naked, conjures up images of big city Canada - Vancouver, Toronto, etc - with that trend-setting Punk sound that has been so noteworthy throughout her successful, highly-lauded career; but, would you believe us if we told you that Bif has an intimate connection to Northern Saskatchewan?

Well, that’s what we’re going to take a look at today with our Bif Naked exclusive.

When asked about her Northern Saskatchewan connection, the iconic Canadian singer said: “My connection to Prince Albert is that my father lived there with his wife, Anita, from 1992 until his death in 2014. I have played there many times and spent many summers there, staying with my Dad and Stepmom, and their large extended family. My Stepsisters and Stepbrothers all still live in the area, as do all their children and Grandchildren. I love it and try [to] go back often.”

But, what of the limelight? What about moments she cherishes from her star-studded career in Saskatchewan? “The first time my Dad came to my Saskatoon show back in the early nineties he brought thirty of his dental therapy students (he was a Dentist that trained dental therapists and hygienists) to the show on the guest list. I sang "Daddy's Getting Married" to him and my Stepmom while the entire crowd sang along. It was epic!”

Speaking of memories of her visits to our province, the songstress said on the Down To The River radio show “Everytime I played in Saskatoon, for example - and over the years a couple times in PA, I would always go to their house and raid their [her Father and Step Mother’s] refrigerator and hang out in beautiful Prince Albert. They lived over by the river. It’s a beautiful community.”

Bif, who largely grew up and came of age in the prairies between Manitoba and her experiences in and around Prince Albert, has used 2020 to put some new content out in to the world; including the new single, Jim, and a COVID-19 handwashing video that acts as a parody of her 2001 hit single, I Love Myself Today, reimagined as I Wash My Hands Today.

Jim can be found on all major digital platforms, the music video for which can be found here. I Wash My Hands Today can be viewed here.

*Photos of Bif Naked courtesy of Coco and Kensington photography including our October 2020 cover shot

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