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Light In The Dark: Capitol Hosts Seven Mile Sun's Debut EP Release Party

Updated: May 17, 2023

By Will Yannacoulias

The pride of Harris, Saskatchewan, Alt rock trio Seven Mile Sun packed Saskatoon's Capitol nightclub Friday evening, celebrating the June release of their debut EP Light In The Dark. Warmed up by the indie flavoured riff jams of singer/songwriter Scott Klein, the audience was energetic and enthusiastic, filling the dance floor and pressing the stage through Seven Mile Sun's double set. Kevin Stevens, Kimberley Stevens and Joanne Genest offered a relentless live show, performing the entire EP to perfection, as well as a smattering of covers and unreleased material, playing their first show back in prime form.

Kevin Stevens told NSMZ "we're beyond delighted to be hitting real stages again, unloading 18 months of bottled up performance energy upon eager music fans who need their rock'n roll itches scratched. With Light In The Dark hot off the presses, and the next project already underway, we're excited to share the passion that was put into the writing and recording process with physical audiences”

The Capitol, like the bands themselves, didn't look as if they'd missed a beat in the last year and a half. The club is renowned for supporting local artists and being a hub of Saskatoon's independant music scene, and longtime supporters gratefully packed the club. "Musicians in Saskatoon and beyond are lucky to have a venue like The Capitol to showcase their original material" Stevens said, praising the venue. "The owners and management are incredibly supportive of local and upcoming bands, and 7MS is very grateful to have the opportunity to be under the lights on Capitol's stage."

Light In The Dark, which was released June 25th, is available on all major streaming

platforms. If you missed them at The Capitol, don't despair! Seven Mile Sun will be performing August 7th at Moosefest in Bellevue, SK.

Photos by Will Yannacoulias

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