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PACMA To Produce Virtual Country Christmas Show This Weekend

Updated: May 20, 2023

*Meath Park's Nicolas Aiken

The Prince Albert Country Music Association, in cooperation with the SHA, will be recording and producing a "Virtual Christmas Show" this weekend with several local performers involved. Whilst the show will not be live as originally intended, organizers are confident that the finished product will be well received. The idea is to record the show on Saturday, Dec. 19th and have the show in its entirety available on the SCMA youtube channel early in the week.

"The SHA is on board now and they're very excited and very appreciative (of our efforts to put on this show). They will be sending out (our link) to all in there care homes in the PA area and will send it to the Saskatoon and Regina areas. Basically the rest of Sask," stated PACMA Secretary and SCMA Treasurer Gayle Breiter.

"The annual SCMA Prince Albert Christmas Show is our fundraiser for a donation to charity of our choice. This year we chose the care homes because we care and they need some cheering up this Christmas," Breiter continued.

"(Care Homes) have been locked down for months and they need something. My father-in-law is in a home and they’ve been locked down longer than the rest of us and it’s heartbreaking having to talk to them through their windows. Not being able to hug them that really bites,"said Breiter.

Meath Park's Nicolas Aiken will be among an impressive list of performers on the show that will also include other local scene stalwarts like Janice Trudel and Carmen Robertson as well as Breiter herself. The backing band is also chock full of familiar faces which will make for a very entertaining show.

Aiken, who first dropped on the PACMA radar after a brilliant performance on the Prince Albert production of Search For the Stars, has been getting a lot of recognition lately including recently sharing the stage with Regina country-rocker JJ Voss.

"I am trying to be as persistent as possible in these weird times you know?" explained Aiken after his show with JJ, " It’s been going really well."

Keep your eyes fixed to the SCMA and PACMA social media for availability of the show. Support local Saskatchewan music for a great cause. It's going to be a nice mix of familiar faces and talented up-and-comers.

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