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Photos of the year: Live, Cover, and Staged

Updated: May 14, 2023

Live photo of the year:

Bif Naked performing “Spaceman” at Coors Event Centre, October 12, 2021

"When I expanded into live music photography, I was simply excited about combining two of my favourite things. But photography to me has always been about capturing human connection, and I quickly realized that this was no different. It's about the connection between the performers and their audience, as the energy in the room builds. It's about the deep connection between the performers and their own art. And it’s about capturing the magic found when the two intertwine in moments like these."

- Tracy Creighton (photographer - Copper Blue Photography and Design)

Cover of the year:

Prince Albert's own Soulfather poses at Little Red River Park (August 2021 Issue)

"I'm not sure what possessed me to think that taking an artist into the middle of an open field would be a good idea. If I could be pretentious for a second, I'd say that it's a juxtaposition of all that is Prince Albert. It manages to capture the awe inspiring beauty of the prairies and the boreal forest, two hallmarks of what makes Little Red and, by extension Prince Albert, so great, in combination with the distinctly urban vibe that Soulfather is giving here. He made a great subject to shoot. Loads of personality."

-Scott Roos (photographer - NSMZ managing editor)

Staged Photo of the year:

Nicolas Aiken Poses at Kinsmen Park (November 2021 issue)

"Doing 'staged' photo shoots is a new experience for me as a photographer. I have focused my work mainly on live events – concerts, festivals, catching my kids running around….since the beginning of this photog journey. Many of the subjects of the staged shoots I’ve done for NSMZ in the last year have also been new to the experience of putting themselves out there -- being directed by a photographer with a vision in mind, dealing with the awkwardness of being asked to sit/smile/look serious/stand/don’t squint/hold their hands in a certain way…..and try to look natural doing it. So, I applaud all the willing participants for their braveness in putting their image into the hands of another person. This particular photo is one of my favorite that seemed to come together effortlessly while capturing the beauty of Northern Saskatchewan."

-Deanna Roos (Photographer - Contingent Colours Photography)

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