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She deserves every single bit of her success: Fellow Country Artist Shantaia on Tenille Arts #1

by Scott Roos

*the Saskatchewan gang in Nashville left to right: Jay Tooke, Ryan Sorestad, Tenille Arts and Shantaia (pic by Kate Sorestad courtesy of Shantaia)

It's been a busy six months for Saskatchewan born and raised country singer Shantaia since moving to Nashville this past October but she took some time out of her busy schedule to chat with NSMZ earlier today about her friend Tenille Arts' latest success in topping the U.S. country charts with her track "Somebody Like That".

“(Tenille's) Saskatchewan music family is so proud of her, and she deserves every single bit of her success. She has worked so hard and has stayed so humble and grounded through it all. I’m so proud of her and honoured to call her a friend,” said Shantaia.

Moving to Nashville no doubt has had its challenges, especially with the world embroiled in a thirteen month long fight with COVID19, but Shantaia is still grateful to Arts for paving the way forward for Saskatchewan artists in Nashville. When Shantaia arrived in October of 2020, Arts was there to help and offer any guidance that was needed.

"She’s always offered advice (when I asked her) and I’ve hung out with her quite a few times since moving here (to Nashville). She is always willing to help out fellow Canadians," explained Shantaia.

Despite COVID19, Shantaia has kept herself busy and has some exciting updates of her own to share.

"My latest single 'Had a Good Weekend' is at Canadian Radio, I've got a new music video coming out soon, I'm even playing shows in Nashville! Life has been good. Nashville is incredible, even whilst navigating the pandemic. I’m fully vaccinated and just grateful to be here full time doing what I love!" raved Shantaia about her new home.

It's awesome to here that life in "Music City" is starting to return to normal as more and more citizens in the USA get vaccinated. Hearing the success stories of artists who call Saskatchewan home is a refreshing change in a year that has otherwise been soul crushingly hard for many people in the music industry. NSMZ wishes both Shantaia and Arts all the best as the pandemic now begins to slowly subside. It's been a tough go for many of us but both of your stories are inspiring.

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