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Slaughter To Prevail - Louis' Pub - Show Review

Russian/British Metal band, Slaughter To Prevail, are the epitome of what it means to go viral...and a limitless source for anecdotes. Singer, Alex Terrible, has garnered a mass following over his years producing Metal covers of Pop and Rock songs. The band's music videos launched into the stratosphere with millions of views from a combination of Alex's following, the band's unique sub-genre blending, and an endless supply of YouTube reaction videos from notable names on the platform. This is all before we mention Alex's, let's say, escapades, which include no less than wrestling a bear.

Photography by Mark Allard-Will

With all of this viral attention under their collective belt, it's fair to say that Saskatchewan's Metal community were waiting with baited breath for a tour date in the province to be announced. Then it finally happened, a November 17th 2023 date was announced.

The excitement was solidified in fact by the news that the show sold out, and fast.

Photography by Mark Allard-Will

The date came, the doors opened, and we Metalhead heathens of these fair prairie provinces descended into the awaiting maw of Louis' Pub.

Photography by Mark Allard-Will

After a long two hour wait, necessitated by the fact that there was no support act, the house lights went down and blue spotlights danced in oscillating syncopation with Techno music; building our anticipation into a fervent crescendo much akin to the music.

Photography by Mark Allard-Will

The lights went out, the guys took to the stage in their iconic demon masks, and slammed into their set as stage lights glared overhead. The crowd went wild for the furious cacophony of Metal on display, as evidenced by the circle pits and walls of death that continued throughout the set; which delighted the Slaughter To Prevail diehards with beloved songs included Baba Yaga and Viking, to name but two.

The band commanded the stage with an almost artful stage presence and, while ceaselessly apologizing for his self-proclaimed lack of proficiency in the English language (note to Alex: be kinder to yourself, you're actually doing great with English), Alex was hailed with the crowd's adoration when communicating with the packed out venue between songs.

Photography by Mark Allard-Will

Speaking of, Alex's full gratitude was on full display, as he thanked the receptive crowd at every opportunity he could get; something that ingratiated the loyal Saskatchewan fandom to him further.

It's fair to say that Saskatoon's love for Slaughter To Prevail is carved in stone after such a phenomenal set at Louis' Pub.

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