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Three Brothers, Three Sisters, Two Kings and a Couple of Moose

Article and Photos by Melanie Macpherson

Over the Easter long weekend, a different sort of family gathered at The Capitol Music Club.  It wasn’t for a chocolate egg hunt or some big ham dinner, although there was no shortage of familiar faces, amazing food or decadent chocolate.  The occasion? A Night of Moose-ic, a fundraising event for Moosefest which is set to rock Bellevue on August 10th. Organized by those dedicated stewards of the local music scene, Joel Gaudet and Mark Poppen, the event was a party in true Moose style.

Kicking off the night was Sister Grace, winning over the audience with their soulful renditions of both covers and original pop-country tunes like "High" and "Give Me Love." Their mesmerizing harmonies, combined with an eclectic array of instruments including guitars, a ukulele, a tambourine, and even a suitcase drum, painted a kaleidoscope of sound that left us all wanting more.  

Next up was King For A Day, returning to the Moose herd after stellar performances at the last two Moosefests. Even though it was their first time playing Saskatoon and they were missing a member due to illness, these guys from Regina had the crowd in thrall. They played an impressive repertoire of covers including everything from oldies like "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" to pop, country, rap and metal as well as great originals like "Last Cigarette". With some seriously powerful vocals, and extraordinarily intense harmonies, King For A Day definitely made a huge impression on the Saskatoon audience.

Closing the night with a bang was The Brothers G.   Seasoned veterans of The Capitol stage, their high-octane blend of blues rock infused with a little country charm was the perfect finale. Playing a set full of old favourites like “8th Street” and “Autumn Conversations”, great covers like “Jolene” and “White Lightning” and lots of tracks from their new album.  “Bitch Got a Gun” and “Levi Jean Queen” have already become sing-along crowd pleasers.   

If nothing else, this night showed how good Gaudet and Poppen have become at finding those rare talent gems. This lineup showcased some incredible artists that will no doubt continue to grow and set the local scene on fire.  But the night wasn't just about the music; it was about raising money. The raffle and 50/50 draw added an extra layer of excitement, with prizes like a stunning starburst pattern quilt and a brand-new Epiphone Starling acoustic guitar stealing the spotlight. I took a chance and threw my hat (or rather, my tickets) into the ring for the guitar, hoping, but never expecting to win. To my disbelief and delight, I walked away at the end of the night with the coveted prize—a beautiful two-tone blue guitar.

As the night drew to a close, it wasn’t hard to remember that the Night of Moos-ic, and Moosefest itself, isn't just about the music; it's about the people who make it all possible. From the tireless efforts of Gaudet and Poppen to the unwavering support of the community, Moosefest is about the coming together of people with a real love for local music.

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