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A Letter From the Editor: September 2021

It's hard to believe, but here we are a year into something that I started sort of on a whim. It's almost a Jerry Maguire type deal. I feel like climbing to the top of the highest building in Prince Albert and shouting "IT WAS ONLY A MISSION STATEMENT". NSMZ started because we saw a need to support local musicians, solo artists and bands in Saskatchewan and, in particular, Prince Albert, Saskatoon and points north. We have collectively written over 200 articles now and we're busier than ever - especially now that concerts are back. We can always use new writers but we also need people to like and share articles and most importantly interact with our facebook page. That's the only feedback we have as to whether we are actually doing a good job. We love hearing from our readers. It's what keeps us all going. As always, thanks to the contributing writers for their great work this issue (Will, Janice and Helen!!!!) and also Deanna for the great photos (three pics of Seven Mile Sun that we couldn't decide on a cover so TRIPLE COVER). Enjoy!

keep keepin' it real,


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