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Metal and Heavy Music Album of the Year - The Denisovan

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

Devin Martyniuk spent fifteen years sculpting something very special here in The Denisovan by his band Before & Apace, but as Devin is normally just as quick to point out himself, he didn't do it alone. The contributions of Arlan Kopp, Bryce Holcomb, Kaylon Disiewich, and Jesse Selkirk helped to shape this album in to the masterclass of Metal-adjacent Prog that it is.

The album showcases something way beyond potential alone for a debut release, it instead finesses a surgical and mathematical intelligence; and it's not just all bark and no bite, the recorded performance backs that up too.

Prog is hard to get right. It's like Beef Wellington in that sense, it's easy to over bake or under work; but Before & Apace got it just piping to perfection here.

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